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Our family, and company as well, became a wine produced, to rediscover and and enhancing old and new tastes. The names of the wines come from local springs such as “Pelagalla” and “Dellavilla,” from the street of all the vineyards “Collicelli” and “Fontinius,” the Latin name of Fontignano. We have the autochthonous Sangiovese as a red grape variety, but also the international Merlot and the characteristic Gamay, a vine able to give a real expression to the region traditions. Among the white varieties, there are Grechetto, a significant Umbrian variety, and Chardonnay, which combines pleasantness and an excellent taste-olfactory correspondence to the wine. Since 2021 we have added to production a so-called “Pet Nat, from the French words “petillant naturel”, a natural sparkling wine, not filtered, without the addition of yeast and sulphur dioxide.



Fontinius Gamay del Trasimeno

In 2016 we started to experiment the wine-making exclusively in barrique of french and american oak, thanks to the intuition of our oenologists Maurilio and Roberto Chioccia. During the spring, we first selected the the vine shoots, then the grape, and we ended in picking the slightly ripening fruits by hand. Satisfied of the result, the next year we replicated and officially debut with our first vintage, in 2017. Where does Trasimeno Gamay come from? Around the second part of 1500, the Spanish wife of the duke Fulvio della Corgna, the Marquise Eleonora de Mendoza, brought from Spain some vine shoots, probably the Garnacha type, that adapted perfectly the area where they resounded, near Castiglione del Lago, on the west bank of Trasimeno Lake. But someone tells a less noble story, but not less interesting: the plot involves the origin of the vine from the Sardinian shepherd, who move to Umbria and imported their characteristic vine as well, the Cannonau. However, Gamay have its origin in the Trasimeno Lake area, classified as Gamay and used for Beaujolais, and it is not cataloged in Granache, Cannonau or Alicante’s vines.

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