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In 2014, the wine production acquired, by the will of his son Giacomo, productive momentum by allocating the grapes to winemaking. The vineyards, made up of white grape varieties, Chardonnay and Grechetto and red grape varieties such as Sangiovese, Merlot and the autochthonous and characteristic Gamay, rise to promote a terroir suited to the production of quality wines.

The soils rich in skeleton, the microclimate, the lake influences, but also the manual harvesting of the grapes contribute to the creation of the qualitative bouquet of each of our bottles.
Each of our productions is entrusted with the task of transmitting passion, innovation and tradition.



Fontinius Gamay del Trasimeno

In 2016 we started experimenting with the pure vinification of Gamay grapes thanks to an intuition of our oenologists Maurilio and Roberto Chioccia.
In spring the shoots of the vines were selected, passing through the selection of the bunches, concluding with the manual harvest of the slightly over-ripening fruits.
Satisfied with the result, the following year we replicated and then officially debuted with our first vintage, that of 2017. Thus was born Fontinius, praise to the territory.

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