Azienda Agricola Casaioli

Love and respect for Nature for over 20 years

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Azienda Agricola Casaioli

We are located in the heart of Umbria in Fontignano, among the gentle hills that line Lake Trasimeno. It is here that for over 20 years we have been passionately carrying out farming, olive growing, viticulture and cerial production, in absolute respect for the rural regional tradition.

Today, thanks to his son Giacomo, our family has become a producer of wines, interpreting a territory rich in culture and history.

Here, nature reigns supreme, which is why we respect it and make the most of it.

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The soils rich in skeleton, the microclimate, the lake influences, but also the manual harvesting of the grapes contribute to the creation of the qualitative bouquet of each of our bottles.