Azienda Agricola Casaioli

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Azienda Agricola Casaioli

The agricultural society Casaioli is situated in the heart of Umbria, at Fontignano. The origin of the city’s name comes from various water sources. The town is on the top of the hill, in the Trasimeno Lake area, a place where the nature blooms.
This is where magic takes place: we have been doing breeding, cereal and olive cultivations for twenty years by now, respecting the rural culture.
The nature rules our work. .

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Our family, and company as well, became a wine produced, to rediscover and and enhancing old and new tastes. The names of the wines come from local springs such as “Pelagalla” and “Dellavilla,” from the street of all the vineyards “Collicelli” and “Fontinius,” the Latin name of Fontignano.